Vmware Workstation upgrading problems on Vista

22 October, 2008 05:23:50 PM mangelcalvo  English  miscelanea  |  Comentarios (1)

Trying to upgrade my vmware workstation is not always easy on Vista. I was using 6.0.5 and tried to upgrade to the brand new 6.5. I got several O.S. warnings and when I finished the installation Vmware WS didn't work ( problem with DLLs ) . I was unable to uninstall and to roll back to an older version.

Googling I found this technote that solved my problems instantly.

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1) Vmware Workstation upgrading problems on Vista
Jason Hook 10/22/2008 9:45:38 PM

I was dealing with this very same Workstation issue today and found the same technote.

Separately I tried to upgrade a VMWare server install to version two, failed and rolled back to 1.0.7.

Good news is that I haven't had any problems upgrading VMWare Fusion, so far.

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