DominoAccess Notebook. Synchronizing the iNotes notebook with Android

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We're working right now in a project to synchronize IBM Domino content with Android devices. The solution we've opted is native Android development. Meanwhile, I've developed a small concept application, DominoAccess Notebook, to synchronize  the iNotes notebook with an Android device.

Image:DominoAccess Notebook. Synchronizing the iNotes notebook with Android

It's still still in a Beta stage, and we expect soon to publish it in Google Play. If someone is interested in being a Beta Tester, please, leave a message in the comments area or send a mail to info "@"'ll provide you with a URL to access the beta release.

Image:DominoAccess Notebook. Synchronizing the iNotes notebook with Android


IBM Domino HTTP server needs to be configured for Basic Authentication. ( NOTE: This is the standard configuration when we deploy a Domino sever initially ).
Nothing else has to be configured at the server level.

The app is compatible with  Android 4.3 and later. It works on tablets, but the Beta release ( or should I say alpha :-) ) is designed for phones.

DominoAccess Notebook

DominoAccess Notebook app synchonizes documents from your iNotes notebook with your  Android mobile device. The synchronization process is unidirectional and complete. All the notebook documents are available offline, included attachments and images. Subsequent upgrades in iNotes ( deletes/additions/modifications ) will be available at the mobile device through a synchronization process from the mobile app.

DominoAccess Notebook, at the moment, is a read only app.

To configure the application, on the first start, it requires the next information:

- Server: Domino server host name.
Ex: "www.correo.local"
- SSL: Secure port 443 usage ( You can connect through standard ports. 80 port for development/testing only if you care for security)
- Mailbox path: user mailbox path to syncrhonize with.
Ex: "mail/mibuzon.nsf"
-User: Web user name to access IBM Domino (Depending on the server configuration it can be the Notes name, the email, the short name......)
Ex: "nombre usuario"
- Password: Web password.

Image:DominoAccess Notebook. Synchronizing the iNotes notebook with Android

As soon as the testing process finishes, we'll announce here the public availability.

We leave opened the comments section for any idea related the app or any bug you can detect with it.

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