31 May, 2010 08:37:02 AM Miguel Angel Calvo  DAOS  8.5  |  Comentarios (0)

Ya está disponible el FP3 de Domino para 8.5.1 en FixCentral.

Entre los bugs solucionados hay algunos que afectan al comportamiento de DAOS:

  • SPR# JFOR83MJA5 - Fixed a DAOS resync ticket scan code to scan large databases faster.
  • SPR# KWON83UQ54 - Fixed a problem where the resync exited prematurely in response to server shutdown, and incorrectly marked the DAOS catalog as Synchronized.
  • SPR# PMAO83WTBX - When consulting the DAOS catalog to see if the NLO exists in a location other than where the hint suggests, the filename is malformed if the query fails. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1 FP2.
  • SPR# SRIO83LSTW - In a PULL replication operation, if both sides are 8.5.1 or newer, and the destination has DAOS enabled, and there is a successful DAOS exploitation clone operation, subsequent attachments will be truncated. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1.

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