About Firefox 31 and Domino SSL problem

4 August, 2014 09:11:36 Miguel Calvo  Firefox  iNotes  |  Comentarios (0)

Recently, I was aware ot the new Firefox problem with self-signed certificates. IBM issued a tech note regarding the problem that Firefox 31 had introduced.

Basically, you cannot access,  with Mozilla Firefox 31, SSL IBM Domino sites that have deployed a self-signed certificate. This problem is a Firefox only issue so you can access your server with IE or Chrome.

To solve this, for testing environments or for your own Firefox browser you have to:
- Type about: config in the Firefox address bar.
- Scroll down to security.use_mozillapkix_verification
- Double-click to toggle its value from true to false

Alternatively, for companies, you can distribute internally an Extended Support Release.

But, the IBM tech note also states that

"This error will occur only if you are using either a self-signed or a Domino-based Certificate Authority for your server's SSL certificate."

what I've been unable to confirm in our own servers that are using Domino CA issued certificates and are still working fine with Firefox 31.

 Maybe a typo in the tech note ?

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