The future of email and applications is social by IBM

27 March, 2013 07:55:01 AM Miguel Calvo  9.0  Domino  |  Comentarios (0)

Image:The future of email and applications is social by IBM

A look at how a modern social email and collaboration platform has to be

IBM® Notes® and IBM Domino® (“Notes and Domino”) software is a leading force in this evolution. Building upon more than 20 years of collaboration leadership, Notes and Domino software provides a business-ready, open standards–based platform from which to build a social business. A platform that can speed adoption of newer tools by giving users a familiar interface in which to work. And a platform that can ultimately help deliver real business value and a solid return on investment. This white paper examines the state of collaboration in today’s enterprise and provides an IBM point of view on how collaboration will evolve, along with how Notes and Domino software will fit into the new collaboration equation.

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